Handling Sleepwalking at Summer Camp

Sleepwalking is rather common in kids, and is not unheard of at Camp.

If your child sleepwalks, you may indicate this on the health form that is required for camp.  It's a good idea to let us know even if your child sleepwalks only occasionally.

If we know your child may sleepwalk, we'll situate him or her closer to their counselor so if they get up in the night there is a better chance the counselor will awake.

Also, we have roving patrols around the bunk areas until at least 11:00 pm, which is 60 to 90 minutes after lights out.  Since most sleepwalking occurs in the first hour or two, this provides additional supervision if they should actually make it outside.

And because the Camp works to ensure your child gets enough rest, is on a regular schedule, and monitors your child for illness, these sleepwalking factors are lessened.

If you have any specific concerns or requests, please contact us.

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