Lisa and Scott Shaffer are the owners and directors of Shaffer's High Sierra Camp. They live about 30 minutes north of San Francisco in the off-season, and have two teenage sons.



was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area (long enough ago that it would be impolite to ask him when). He has an eclectic background ranging from camp counselor to ski instructor to lawyer to Superior Court Judge Pro Tem. Scott earned his bachelor's degree in telecommunications and film from San Diego State University and his law degree from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law. He practiced law for a number of years, including volunteer work as a Superior Court Judge Pro Tem, before founding Shaffer's High Sierra Camp.



graduated from California State University, Northridge with a degree in health education, and from California State University, Chico with her teaching credential. After graduation, Lisa taught for eight years (English, history, P.E., along with coaching track and cross-country) at White Hill Middle School in Fairfax, Marin County, California. Since 2001, Lisa has directed camp year-round and it's her passion to hire the best camp staff on the planet so Camp can provide an exceptional experience for each and every camper.

The Shaffers know first hand the lasting and positive value that camp can have on a child's life and are committed to making each camper's experience at Shaffer's High Sierra Camp as fun and rewarding as they would want for their own two children.

Assistant Director


JB - Program & Facilities

JB Keller ("Bugaboo") is SHSC's Assistant Director. This is his 10th season at Camp, and he's worked as a Counselor, Rock Climbing Specialist, Outdoor Living Skills Director, Rock Climbing & Ropes Course Director, and Kitchen Manager. He spends winters ski patrolling and managing avalanche risk in Alta, Utah. At Camp, he supervises the program, trains staff, and keeps camp running smoothly all summer long. An accomplished adventurer, he inspires us all to work hard, play hard, and do more of what we love.


Counselors & Activity Specialists

Typically, the Camp receives about 30 inquiries from around the world for each open position. We've been able to be highly selective and have had some truly exceptional counselors and activity specialists. Every counselor and activity specialist is carefully screened for his/her maturity, judgment, abilities, and enthusiasm.

They must be at least 19 years old or 18 with a year of college and most need a certification in basic first aid and CPR. The Camp also enjoys having international staff for the diversity and new exposure that provides for campers. Each counselor's top priority is the campers' physical and emotional safety. (But making sure campers have fun is not far behind.)

The Camp is acutely aware of its responsibility for the health and safety of the children attending camp. That concern is reflected in the hiring, training, and retention of staff. For the hiring process, the directors personally interview each potential staff member and personally contact at least two references. Candidates, both domestic and international, then go through a background screening conducted by professional organizations. Program staff then undergo an intense full week of training before camp starts.

In addition to clinics on how to run particular activities, training also covers emergency procedures and communications, appropriate and inappropriate camper-staff interaction, handling sensitive issues, and behavior management and conflict resolution. Participation in and observation of activities by the Camp Directors and Program Directors, staff meetings, and in-service training, keep everyone sharp and well informed.

We're committed to creating for our campers a fun and rewarding experience that we know will last long beyond the final day of camp!

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